High Five Virginia


       In 2014 VDACS reported that there were 223,640 cats and dogs in VA shelters and rescues

       52,144 of them were euthanized. (Approximately 23%)

       In 2015 VDACS reports that there were 206,961 cats and dogs in VA shelters and rescues

       41,142 of them were euthanized. (Just under 20%)

Studies have indicated that animals located in more rural, under-resourced shelters have fewer chances for adoption than those in more resourced, urban communities. Studies have also indicated that certain breeds (mostly pertaining to dogs vs. cats) are more easily adopted in specific geographic regions.

Moving animals from one location to another can result in a decrease in length of stay, a more diverse selection of animals for adopters and a decrease in euthanasia overall. High Five VIRGINIA is a program dedicated to decreasing the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Virginia by:

       a.) Providing a website exclusively for showcasing participating shelters' top five priority animals to potential receiving rescues and shelters

       b.) Offering financial assistance to eliminate barriers to the successful transfer of animals.

How It works

Receiving shelters can search by various criteria:


       Shelter name

       Animal (cat/dog)



Sending and/or receiving shelters can apply for financial assistance by completing a simple Request for Funds

       Assistance is available for various barriers including:

       Short-term boarding


       Vaccinations/Heartworm tests

       Behavioral test


To register your shelter with High Five Virginia, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to receive the online registration steps.

Once you are registered, you can apply for financial assistance here.


 High Five VA is supported by a grant from Best Friends

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